About Us

Shoplemmings.ca believes that comparison shopping should be easy and we work towards providing shoppers the savings and conveniences they want while also providing retailers, big or small, the digital platform they need to reach those shoppers more effectively. We believe there's a sale for every household and want to be the first place people look to find those deals.

Shoplemmings.ca has a vision for our future, but we do need your help. You can help us by telling your friends, families and co-workers about our site, so we can gain momentum to becoming the main source for all grocery deals online. If there's a grocery retailer in your area, encourage them to contact us and have their items listed on our site or tell us about them and we will reach out to them. By helping them, we help ourselves and together we can all gain the benefits.


1. What is a shop lemming?

A shop lemming is you, your mother, your father, your family and friends, your neighbors and everyone else looking to save on their grocery shopping needs. Shop lemmings, as a community, will be responsible for driving an initiative towards changing the face of the shopping experience and the expectations that shoppers have from their retailers. Yes, we want savings, but more then that, shop lemmings want choice.

2. Are there plans to expand to the U.S.A. or other countries?

We would love to share our vision and offerings across the global community, however all our resources are currently focused in Canada. We believe there's so much more we can offer Canadians and are working diligently towards that vision.

3. Will you eventually offer coupons on your site?

Yes, we hope to be able to provide coupons on our site, however our first priority is to get as many stores on our site as possible. If there's a grocery retailer in your area, we want them on our site, whether they only have 1 store location or over 300+ locations.

4. Are there plans for a mobile app?

Our website was specifically designed with mobile devices in mind and there are currently no plans for creating a mobile app. You can link our website to your mobile phone and open it just like you would an app.